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Wellness Weddings

What are Wellness Weddings? There are definitely details to be taken care of when planning a wedding. However, that doesn't mean it needs to be a stressful process. Prepare yourselves for Infinite Bliss by selecting one of our Wedding Wellness packages. Each designed to relax, release, balance, and enlighten.

Wellness Weddings are held at our private outdoor retreat center which is located at one of the most energetic places on the island, and in the world. It's also a short walk to one of the Big Island's best snorkel spots, if you want to take a dip before taking the deep dive.




Yoga - Why yoga? Yoga is much more than just stretching and physical flexibility. Did you know that the word yoga actually means "union"? To "bring together." To "yolk." Balance - this is part of the essence of yoga, just as with the union between you and your life partner. We understand that the process of planning and preparing for a wedding can be very stressful to some.  This where our idea for Yoga Weddings was born.

Guided Meditation - For couples looking for deeper relaxation, focus, and connection with the moment.  Add the sound therapy of crystal singing bowls for an enhanced experience.

Infinite Bliss Wellness Weddings
Option 1
  • Ajani as your wedding minister

  • Private, secluded, ocean view location

  • 30 Minute Yoga Session

  • 45 minute couple's guided meditation with Ajani and Sophorn

  • 2 wood bead malas made by Sophorn

  • 2hrs of Professional Photography

  • 4k Video of your ceremony

  • Ask us about catering


Option 2
  • Includes everything in Option 1 plus: 

  • Couples massage session

  • 2 unique gemstone malas made especially for you

  • Hard Cover Photo Book​

Call us​


Is there something you'd like but don't see an option for? Let us know, and we'll do our best to put together something special just for you.

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