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Getting Married in Hawaii

Getting married on the Big Island of Hawaii (or anywhere in Hawai'i) is wonderful for many reasons. But one reason that may be overlooked is the ease in all the legalese. Hawaii's process for getting married is simple and stress free. Look below for the steps in getting your Hawaii marriage license.

How to Get Your Hawai'i Marriage License

  • Set your date.

  • Book Ajani as your officiant.

  • Go here to complete your Hawaii State Marriage License Application online.

  • You'll need to see a marriage license agent. Within 30 days of your ceremony call a marriage license agent to schedule an appointment.

    • Important: Both the prospective spouses or prospective partners must appear together in person before a license agent to obtain a marriage or civil union license. No one can appear on your behalf.

  • The agent confirm your identities, and give you a hard copy of your license

  • Bring it to the ceremony, along with your ID.

  • After the ceremony, the certificate will be signed by your officiant and both partners.

  • Your officiant will submit your completed marriage information to the state for official filing.

That's it! 



We'd love to hear from you. Please call with any questions.


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