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Big Island Hawaii Weddings Performed with Sincerity & True Aloha Spirit

About Infinite Bliss

We began our journey as Follow Your Path Ministries with the following Mission Statement:

Sharing information and resources to help others develop a  personal relationship with the Devine within.

Sophorn & I were married over 12 years ago on the Big Island. Though our wedding itself felt as amazing as anyone could hope for (thanks Mom!), our search for wedding service providers was a bit discouraging. In short, we found the business of weddings to be quite impersonal and overpriced for our needs. Knowing that we couldn't be the only couple with this experience, we were called to serve, and added Infinite Bliss Weddings to our budding ministry.

Over the years, through volcano eruptions, tsunami watches, hurricanes, and pandemics, we've watched as the island has changed, and along with it, the business of weddings in Hawaii. Many have since duplicated our "simple, personal, and affordable approach" to getting married on the Big Island of Hawaii. However, one thing that has not changed and cannot be imitated or duplicated in any way is our sincere commitment to provide service in the name of love and wellness for all. Our sincerity in this mission is as strong as it ever was, and shows in how we extend and following through with what we offer.  

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Follow Your Path - Kona Weddings - 
Past, Present, and Future Projects & Offerings

From creative outlets for kids, to wellness & fitness education and certification, we've had the honor of serving our community by sharing what we love and live.

We've partnered with one of the most respected names in fitness and wellness certification to award scholarships to a few deserving members of our local and worldwide community. Please take the time to visit our project site to see what we're up to. We'd appreciate your support via donation, or just by sharing our mission with others.


Wellness & Fitness

Certification Scholarships

We've partnered with one of the most respected providers of fitness and wellness certifications in the world to offer scholarships to our local and worldwide community. 


Let's Make Music - Kealakehe Elementary - Our First Graduating Class!

The Details

  • "Is Follow Your Path a religious organization?" Follow Your Path is not a religious organization. We promote programs and facilitate activities that encourage and motivate others to follow their own paths in life through holistic wellness, and creative outlet. All done in the service of something greater.

  • How do we get our marriage license? Getting a marriage license in Hawaii is simple. Go here to learn the steps.

  • "Can we write our own vows? What is the content of your vows?" Ajani provides the main ceremony vows, and strongly encourages all couples to write and exchange their own personal vows with one another during the ceremony.  His vows and sermon are spiritual, though not religious in nature, and are entirely written in Minister Ajani's own words.

  • Big Island, Kailua Kona, Hawaii Beach Weddings - Ceremonies held on Hawaii's beaches, specifically "unencumbered" areas, require a ROE (Right of Entry) permit from the state of Hawaii.  You can apply for a permit on your own, however you will be required to maintain liability insurance for your event.  If we must secure the permit, a fee of $50 will apply for up to 15 people,  with an added fee of $50 added for up to 25 guests in your wedding party. However, we do have knowledge of locations on the island with beautiful views where you can be united within a stone's throw of the beach, and a ROE Permit is not needed. When you submit your date availability inquiry, you will receive an email which contains a link to suggested ceremony locations, along with any applicable fees.

  • Do you perform LGBT marriage ceremonies? Of course we do!.

  • All ceremonies with 10 or more in attendance will incur an additional fee of $50, without exception, and regardless of location.

  • Payments can be made online via cc, or echeck, with the full amount due upon booking with the exception of Pearls and Jade packages. The Pearl & Jade services require a 50% retainer to hold your date. Depending on the location you choose, travel and/or permit fees may be added. They can be submitted at a later time.

  • While we would love to be able to serve everyone who contacts us, to provide the best experience possible for our couples, we perform only 1 ceremony per day. Please keep in mind that there will likely be other couples looking at your desired date, therefore we cannot guarantee dates without paid retainers.  

  • You have the option of adding a tax-deductible donation to ever service we offer. Just let us know so that we can issue you a proper receipt. 

  • You are reminded to be respectful of Hawaii's beaches and land at all times. This means if you brought it, take it with you when you leave. "Take wonderful memories - leave only footprints in the sand." While you're visiting, remember that others call this home.

  • Temporary marriage certificates are usually available to couples online 2-3 business days after the actual ceremony.

  • All photography services are provided by Hawaii Life Photography & Media LLC

  • Once your event account is set up, please be sure to read and digitally sign the "Important Information for Couples" (contract) section before booking.


        Mahalo for the taking the time to read!

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