Above the Clouds

Wellness Weddings

What are Wellness Weddings? There are definitely details to be taken care of when planning a wedding. However, that doesn't mean it needs to be a stressful process. Prepare yourselves for Infinite Bliss by selecting one of our Wedding Wellness packages. Each designed to relax, release, balance, and enlighten.




Yoga - Why yoga? Yoga is much more than just stretching and physical flexibility. Did you know that the word yoga actually means "union"? To "bring together." To "yolk." Balance - this is part of the essence of yoga, just as with the union between you and your life partner. We understand that the process of planning and preparing for a wedding can be very stressful to some.  This where our idea for Yoga Weddings was born.

Massage - A rejuvenating, relaxing, oceanfront, couple's massage. provided by The Lotus Centre @ The Royal Kona Resort

Guided Meditation & Chakra Awakening - For couples looking for deeper relaxation, focus, and connection with the moment.  Add the sound therapy of crystal singing bowls for an enhanced experience.



Option One

  • Ajani as your wedding minister

  • 60 minutes of professional photography

  • 30 minute couple's guided meditation with Ajani and Sophorn

*Sessions can be held at your location, our studio, or a beach location if available

Couple Doing Yoga Pose

Option Two

  • Ajani will perform your wedding ceremony

  • 1hr of Professional Photography by Sophorn

  • Unlimited images taken

  • 60 minute, couple's guided meditation session

  • 2 rosewood malas, handmade by Sophorn 

Option 3

  • Ajani as your wedding minister

  • 1 hour of professional photography

  • 1 hardcover photo album

  • 30 minute sound therapy meditation with crystal singing bowls.