We are now offering our couples a choice of bouquets for additional donations.  A portion of each donation for bouquets will go towards our local school supply donation campaign.  


All floral arrangements are designed and put together with lots of Aloha by Sophorn.  If you'd like something specific, let her know and she'll do her best to accommodate.

Fresh Plumeria Bouquet
Comes with decorative bouquet holder
Plumeria are considered to be Hawaii's "Welcoming Flower."  It represents new beginnings, and creation.  In many cultures, the plumeria flower also represents dedication and devotion, 




Small Floral Bouquet


*With carnations as shown, or similar flower

Large Tropical Bouquet

Donation of $99

Assorted Tropical Flowers - Flowers in this arrangement tend to have a longer "shelf life"


Small Tropical Bouquet